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What Others Say About Us

  • ""Jim, I don't think we could have had a better leader for the group. I knew from the start we could put all trust in you. Thank you for being there for the team and making it all run smoothly.'" James T.

    "Jim, Having you as a leader had really made it amazing! I honestly don't think we could have asked for a better leader. It's been hilarious and it wouldn't have been the same without you! We'll all miss you loads because you really have made it special! Thank you so much!" Ellen

    "Jim, Thank you so much for making this experience so amazing! You've been so much more than a leader to everyone, you've helped us out when we've needed it, but mostly let us be independent, and make mistakes. I'll never forget these four weeks thank you for being eve-rything more than a leader." Fran

    "Jim, Really can't thank you enough for making the last 4 weeks so amazing. You've been there for us all through everything out here, and we all appreciate what you've done for us - especially when you cooked on project, that was awesome. I can't imagine having a better leader than you on a trip like this, I'll never forget all the little things you've done to just make Africa incredible. Gonna miss you loads!" Tash

  • "To Jim, I really can't thank you enough for everything you've done for team B and myself specifically. It's been the best 4 weeks of my life and what you had to do for the team and made every situation hilari-ous. However, I've also felt I could see you about any medical 'issues' I had and you did your best to overcome my intolerance. The month in Africa has been a time I may probably never get the chance to repeat, so I'm so grateful you helped it to become such an incredible experience. Thank you" Beth

    "Jim, I am so happy that you are our team leader, when I first met you I thought you were great! I have loved getting to know you better and speaking to you and listening to your sto-ries! The trip wouldn't be the same without you, so thank you!" Myles

    "Jim, I could not have wished for a better leader, you have done so much for the group, with what seems to have been so little intervention, resulting in a successful trip without the over-planned 'sterile' atmosphere it could so easily have had. This has meant that the trip was not just a fun, care-free holiday, but a useful experience which I'm sure will influence various as-pects of my life for many years to come." Rob

    "Jimbob!! You've been amazing!! You've helped us when we needed it with transport etc. But you also stepped back and let us make our own mistakes with water and washing. You've been a great leader and I've felt so safe with you. I can talk to you about anything including my toilet tendencies. Thanks for everything, good luck on future trips." Holly

  • "Jim, Thank you for making this experience as incredible as it has been, I know it wouldn't have been the same had we have had a different leader. Despite that I still don't appreciate trangia cleaning I don't believe I'll ever meet as cooler accountant again, once again thank you." Sean

    "Dear Jim, Morning Jim! Gosh wouldn't know where to start with you. Not a moment have I felt unsafe in your care. You are genuinely one of the most lovely, considerate person I have met. I hope you remember us and our trip. Because I know for a fact I won't forget you. And just, never change you never need to. All the best in the world." Sarah

    "Jim, Thank you so much for giving up your time to make our expedition AMAZING, you gave the perfect balance between independence, yet security, and I greatly value the strong and comforting role you played through out. I really hope you explore other amazing places, and meet other groups as fun, determined and as diverse as ours. Will miss you loads and hope our paths will cross again at some point. Team - B! Wooooo ( +Hannes our 24th member). All the best." Moly

    "MORNING JIM: Basically, just a little message to say thanks for being an absolute quality leader. When we first met you, you had soooooooo many qualifications and we breathed a sigh of relief but you've been more like a father to the group than a leader and you joined in with all the banter. Don't ever change because you're the most amazing person and you always put others before yourself, TOP LAD. It's been an absolute honour to meet and have a leader like you! Lots of Love." Humma

  • "Jim, You have been the best leader I have ever had, your approach and style was brilliant. I truly think that you have brought out the best in all of us, and kept us all sane. We will all miss you and your general awesomeness. I hope that you remember us all. We won't forget you, that's for dammed sure. All the best." Will

    "Jim, thank you so much for leading us through our expedition to South India. It has been an amazing adventure! I'm delighted we had you with us and really appreciate the job you have done. You have been switched on the whole time and this has meant that the team could focus on their own experience. We have been very safe in your hands and that has been comforting to me. This experience wouldn't have been possible and wouldn't have been as enjoyable without you." Grace, School Leader

    "Thank you so much for running our trip and for particularly helping me through the tough stages of this amazing journey, especially the mountains and when I was ill. You have been a great leader, thanks." Caitlin

    "Well Jim it has been a brilliant journey, thanks to you. You've subtly hinted the whole team and kept us right the whole time and I don't think we would have enjoyed this expedition half as much if you weren't here. Thanks so much for everything." Bethanie

  • "You've survived putting up with me for three weeks. Well done! Thank you for being a great leader and making this experience happen. You've been very patient with us all especially our tantrums. Thank you." Hannah

    "Jim, thank you so much for being a great leader! I have had such an amazing time and will never forget it. You have been so patient with us all and made this trip possible. I've loved hearing about all the places you've been and hope I go on to travel like u. Thanks so much!" Sheenah

    "Thank you very much for leading us on our expedition to Southern India, it has been much appreciated. It has been an amazing adventure and especially one to definitely remember. Thank you also for leading us in the right direction. Thanks again." Emma

    "Cheers very much for everything you've done 'Big Man' it has been much appreciated." Callum

  • "Jim, thanks for the fantastic experience, couldn't have had a better leader." Kyle

    "How can I adequately express my has been a big journey for me and your expert advice, mentoring and guidance has been amazing. I have valued what you have taught me - you are so wise, knowledgeable and generous with your time. I admire how your life's pursuits and adventures are primarily focussed on helping others live meaningfully and well. My life is richer for the time spent with you - I have learnt almost a lifetime's worth of travel advice." Jules, School Leader

    "Thank you so much for everything you have helped us with on this trip. You have taught us a lot and we really appreciate it all. We have really enjoyed having you come on this trip with us and we hope you have enjoyed being with us. We hope that this trip has impacted on you as much as it has us. Thank you for being part of this amazing experience and we hope that the rest of your trips that you go on may be as good as we have found this trip with you." Hannah, Alex, Ursula and the team

    "Thank you for being such an amazing leader" From all of John Taylor High School

  • "Thanks for being a great leader, its been fun talking with you and I've learnt a lot." Abbi

    "Jim, what can I say? You've been a great leader; helpful, very kind us all and you've contrib-uted greatly to this amazing expedition. Keep in touch and please don't forget me." Susie

    "Thank you for all your help and guidance. Had a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much." Laura

    "Thank you for being an amazing leader , helping me with my problems. Thank you for the laughs we have had and I couldn't have wished for a better leader." Meg M

  • "Jim, thank you so much, so glad we were lucky to get a leader like you." Cam

    "Jim, thank you for this wonderful experience, you definitely made it special. You were very helpful and you made a great role model." Matt

    "You did so much to help me & I couldn't thank you enough. I'll miss you." Emma D

    "Jim is great - would recommend him to any team. Jim was able to engage all challengers and developed excellent relationships with every single one. They loved his firm, fair and sensitive approach to leadership. Jim is a dynamic risk assessment ninja...and great leader." Charlotte, School Leader

  • "Thanks for making this expedition so awesome." Sophie

    "Thank you for being a great leader." Sophie W

    "Thank you for making this trip so unforgettable, learnt so much from you." Tilly

    "Thank you for giving me the life-changing opportunities this past month. It's been fab!" Lottie

  • "Thanks for an amazing expedition, full of once in a lifetime opportunities, like being meters away from a wild mouse lemur. Thanks again." Oli

    "Wow! Madagascar! What an experience!! We would like to thank you for supporting Jess on this journey and helping her, Jess has come back a more confident person. We feel she is now more than ready to go off to university! We and Jess are so grateful to you all. With thanks and best wishes for many more successful expeditions." Caroline, Mike and Jess

    "Thanks for taking care of us. I've learnt so much from you. It's been awesome!" Charlotte

    "Having got back from our expedition this summer gone i can easily say it was one of the best things that I will ever experience in my life. Learning so much about Madagascar and the culture gave me a feeling of wanting to do nothing but help. I feel as if our expedition taught me things in country that school can't in building. I learnt how to become an efficient leader, communicate well, manage money and, I feel, enhanced my overall decision making skills. You played a huge role in developing my qualities over our expedition." Charlotte

  • "Jim was excellent, involved when he needed to be and sat back when not required. I learnt a lot from his leadership." School Leader, Lilydale High School, Melbourne, Australia

    "A gr8 leader & trip. Thanks" Mehrnoush

    "You've been a fantastic leader! Thank you." Kat, School Leader, British International School, Stavanger

    "Good luck and thank you! You have been a great inspiration." Frederik